As someone who has traveled extensively for business throughout my career, the one thing that never gets any easier is packing for one of these trips. The same applies for any trip, even if it’s a vacation, because there’s more to pack than just the necessities like your clothes, wallet, and, of course, your phone charger. This is especially true if you want to stay healthy while traveling.

We’ve all been there at one point or another, where we wait until the very last minute to pack for a trip, and I’ve been guilty of it several times. This is when you’ll begin to forget things. That’s the first mistake! You don’t need to make traveling even more difficult by forcing yourself into a last-minute panic. And one thing that’s important to remember is that your stress level and your health can sometimes be directly related. If you’re suffering from high amounts of stress, it will undoubtedly impact your health for the worse.

Another good idea when you’re packing for your next vacation or work trip is to bring an emergency kit to make sure that you have all of your bases covered throughout your travels. Packing an emergency kit isn’t that complex, either: You’ll need things like bandages, hand sanitizer, antiseptic, antibiotic ointment, and aspirin (especially the aspirin!). This is a very vital thing to pack because minor aches and injuries can arise at any time. For instance, plenty of times, I’ve come down with a horrible headache on a very long flight, and it’s during those times when I really could use some aspirin, which I’m always glad to have packed. While you’re at it, bring along a small bottle of hand sanitizer (keeping TSA carry-on rules in mind, of course), since you’ll be coming into contact with a lot more germs than you usually do while you’re traveling, some of which you might not have been exposed to at home.

It’s also smart to pack a few healthy snacks, such as pouches of nuts or protein bars. If you get hungry and you’re stuck sitting on the tarmac or rushing to catch your next flights, your food options are likely to be non-existent or unhealthy.

When you’re packing, remember to be organized, too! Make sure that you have things you might want on the plane packed in your carry-on instead of your checked luggage, and make sure that your bag is well-organized so you don’t stress yourself out trying to find what you need.

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