When traveling anywhere, preparation is key. From what to pack and what time to be at the airport to what you’ll be doing when you get to your exact destination, you’ll need to figure out a lot of details, and the more you know in advance, the less stressed-out you’ll be. Being prepared also means that you’ll be better-equipped to make smarter, healthier decisions while you’re on the road.

There are plenty of things that you can do prior to leaving for your trip to make everything much less stressful. For example, say you’re going on a business trip and will be staying at a hotel in an area that you’re really not all that familiar with. You’ll want to get a couple of good workout sessions in while you’re there, and to do this, you’ll need to plan ahead. See if the hotel that you’re staying at has a gym, what the hours of it are, and what types of equipment it has. If the hotel you’re staying in doesn’t have a gym, do a quick Google search to get an idea of what gyms are nearby. You might also try calling the hotel to ask if there is a nearby park or jogging trail that you could use to get in a workout. This way, once you’re there and have limited time, you won’t be scrambling for fitness options. This is something that I do now prior to any vacation or trip for work. It’s good for my mind, too, because I’m less stressed out and feel like I have a gameplan for the trip!

This mindset also applies to your food options. Prior to going on a trip of any kind, take a look at the food and restaurant options near where you’ll be. If you’re trying to stay healthy, you’ll want to prepare by finding places to eat with smart dining options. For example, I love fish and seafood, and I always look for a place where I can get grilled salmon (which is both delicious and healthy) while I’m away. Prior to leaving, I’ll see what restaurants in the area serve it and check out their reviews. It’s also a good idea to map out where you can find a grocery store near your hotel, in case you want to stock up on healthy snacks or even buy groceries to cook your own food (though this only works if your hotel room is a suite with a kitchenette). A little bit of research can undoubtedly save you a headache or two along the way.

When you’re traveling, staying at the top of your game from a health standpoint isn’t always easy, but you can do it! Planning ahead can go a very, very long way toward keeping you on the right track.

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