Hi, everyone! I’m Kelly Griggs, the creator of Well-Traveled Wellness. As someone who has been working in the financial sector for years now, I feel like I’m constantly on the go, traveling several times a year to conduct business all over the country with clients old and new, but I do have roots! I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in fact, but I’ve been living in Charleston, South Carolina, now for about a decade. I’m a mother of two young girls and the wife of one very patient, long-suffering husband who keeps things humming along at home while I’m on the road.

Of course, traveling for business is always a bit hectic, and that’s made worse when you’ve been away for a few days and you’re just plain frazzled and missing home. During a lot of my business trips over the past few years, I noticed that I wasn’t always taking good care of myself: I was doing whatever was convenient, whatever was quickest or simplest, eating a lot of unhealthy food on the go and not carving out the time to exercise. On a recent trip, I made a conscious effort to really change how I was going about things, which is the inspiration for Well-Traveled Wellness.

But with such a busy life, I knew that I couldn’t possibly keep a website going alone! That’s why I turned to my longtime best friend, Danielle Lewis. She’s always been someone who loves being healthy and staying physically fit, and when I told her that I was planning to start this website, she immediately wanted to get involved. She now writes for the website, too, offering her perspective as well as valuable advice. She travels a lot for work, too, so she knows our struggles!

We hope that you’ll enjoy the takes, advice, experience, and resources here at Well-Traveled Wellness, and we hope to hear from you, too.