Welcome to Well-Traveled Wellness! Staying healthy doesn’t need to end at home, and the resources on this site will show you how.

The purpose of this site is to help you stay on the right track and stay healthy when you’re away from home, and it was created by me, Kelly Griggs. The inspiration for it came from always feeling completely burned out and unhealthy after getting home from business trips. I knew that there was a correlation between my choices on the road and how I was feeling, and since I came to this realization, I have made a conscious effort to do small things to ensure that I feel better after each trip. Now, I’ve decided to share my findings, experiences, and advice with all of you.

It was last year when it all hit me, and I knew that I had to change my choices to improve how I felt. Having taken my fair share of business trips during my career in finance, I’m no stranger to having these trips be very hectic. You’re meeting with clients, attending sessions at conferences, and trying to close deals, and often, eating healthy and exercising are the last things on your mind because there isn’t always time. If you’re busy like me, that’s where Well-Traveled Wellness can help!

Here, you’ll learn how to stay healthy on the go, how to stay healthy when you’re away from home, what can be done before leaving, what to pack, ways to remain on a healthy path when you’re away from the house, and much more.

How are you staying healthy when traveling? We all have some interesting experiences to share, and I hope that mine, along with my advice, can help you along the way.