Welcome to Well Traveled Wellness!!

Welcome to Well Traveled Wellness!!

Firstly, thanks for being here. If you’re reading this you’ve either clicked something or scrolled all the way down the webpage, and we appreciate it. We are very excited to launch WTW and what follows is a brief introduction in the form of an FAQ.

What’s the pitch? What’s different about WTW?

There are plenty of good programs out there. Some of them are customized for your goals and needs, however few are based upon actual physiological research. What none of them take into account are the day-to-day logistics. How your week is organized can often change, and most people can’t train and eat at the same times in the same places every day. It’s a massive headache to figure this all out and stay on track/stick to the program, and that’s where we come in. We’ve witnessed first-hand elite athletes do everything perfectly for 350 days of the year and throw it away during the 15 competition days because they didn’t know what to eat in a hotel, how to sleep in an unfamiliar environment, or how to beat jet lag. We know what it takes to solve these problems and are here to help. Just as importantly, we can’t stand all of the myth and misinformation out there leading people down the wrong paths to fall short of their goals. Our approach is different in that we have no agenda other than to help our community. We are the No Bullshit approach at it’s finest!

What do you guys actually DO for people?

The first phase of this project is a continuance of what we’ve been doing with some of the best in the world for years: coaching and programming. We design training, nutrition, and recovery programs for people and coach them (via Skype) through it all. Everything is done through the lens of organisation and optimisation of logistics so that these programs actually WORK!

As the WTW community builds you’ll soon see exciting new tools and features to get involved in, which will help you optimise and automate your performance in every aspect of life.

Some people can help you with one or two facets of a high-performance lifestyle, but we’ve got the qualifications and experience to be your total package service. At Well Traveled Wellness we are building a community of ambitious, high-performing individuals who are constantly seeking to improve themselves and positively influence their day-to-day quality of life through honed efficiency of elite performance habits, and becoming savvy with their day to day decision making.

Why should I listen to you? What makes you special?

Between the two coaches at WTW, we’ve worked with elite, professional, and Olympic athletes in a dozen countries across over twenty different sports. We’ve taken corporate executives with crazy-busy schedules and brought them from sedentary lifestyles to marathon-finishes in four months. We’ve both personally competed in Sports at a very high level alongside study and work, so we know exactly what it takes to succeed and how to squeeze the most out of a daily schedule. Both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, we have completed cutting-edge physiology and nutrition research projects; most recently our Masters at arguably the world’s finest institution for Sports Science, Loughborough University, in England.

In short, we know what we are doing. More importantly, though, we acknowledge that there is no one-size fits all solution and that science is constantly shifting perceptions of best practice. Hard work and savvy navigation of daily challenges are the keys to success here: we provide for and instigate both. We don’t push Paleo, High-Carb, Low-Carb, High Volume, or Low-Volume training at you: instead we work to find what best fits YOU.

Make no mistake about it, though. We are serious nerds who have no patience for the misinformation being spread and the special sauces being peddled by some. We personally love every nitty-gritty detail of science and are dedicated to applying it to bring you to the next level. We’ll also show you how to understand research papers, read food labels, and order out at restaurants. This is all part of the comprehensive, personalized service we offer at Well Traveled Wellness.

Luckily, and most importantly, we are also young, energetic guys who are not jaded by decades of work. We will all go on to complete PhDs in the very near future and have long careers ahead of us in the field. The Well Traveled Wellness project is a right-here, right-now initiative to help as many people as possible transcend their goals while balancing lifestyle and finding unprecedented efficiency through organization. Both of us LOVE coaching people and changing lives, and with Well Traveled Wellness we want to change the way people think about human performance and in turn, change the world.

So what’s in it for me if I am not ready to be coached 1 on 1 yet?

A multi-millionaire once said to us, “If your product is legitimate and your intentions are genuine, then your best material will be free.” We took this to heart, and you can look forward to TONS of free content on the site every week. The only trade-off is that you have to sift through it to find what’s most relevant to you and write it down rather than having it sent to you in a personalized package, but don’t worry, there will be PLENTY of awesome material for everyone. Our most exciting feature will be a weekly podcast with the field’s leading experts. Unlike many podcasts, we aren’t inviting our buddies on to have 1.5hr advertisement and validation parties. Instead, we are hosting the field’s greatest minds for 30-40 minute segments in which they explain exactly how their work applies to YOUR everyday life. You will come away from every single episode with exciting and actionable methods to apply in the pursuit of high performance. There will also be (at least) weekly articles dispelling current myths, explaining research, and guiding you on topics such as sleep, meal scheduling, eating on the run, post-workout recovery, and jet lag.

Great! How can I make sure I receive all this free stuff?!

Subscribe to our podcast HERE. Sign up for our mailing list HERE. You will NEVER get spam from us, only our posts sent directly to your inbox. If you leave a review of our podcast and send us a screenshot to info@welltraveledwellness.com, you’ll be entered into a weekly contest to win one free hour of coaching with us!

You can start reading right now by finding out DO NOT (YET) PASS GO: The Bottom of the Performance Pyramid and The Truth about Salt.

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