Podcast #20: A CrossFit We Respect with Andrew Telfer and Barry Lavis

Podcast #20: A CrossFit We Respect with Andrew Telfer and Barry Lavis


On today’s episode of the Well Traveled Wellness Podcast we toss a VERY fun changeup, making a point of tackling a subject which comes up often in conversation and is in dire need of clarification: CrossFit. This week the boys interview the head coaches at their location of lift over the autumn, CrossFit Chiang Mai. Andrew Telfer and Barry Lavis are legit S&C coaches who do things right, see the forest for what it is, and use all of their considerable energy to deliver a superior product to local CrossFitters. We like them, we like their gym, and we had a kickass time chatting LIVE in the Lanna Kingdom!

Wondering how you can make the WOD work for you? Curious about the future of CrossFit? Want to know how you can work with your coach to maximize results? Have a listen, this one was darn fun! 

Listen to the Episode:

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How can the best elements of CrossFit be implemented for all populations
  • When to bring a barbell into the conversation
  • The role of Gymnastics and Olympic lifting in CF programming
  • How an average citizen can set realistic goals and make the most out of CF
  • How much Kinesiotape is too much Kinesiotape
  • The contribution of bootyshorts to popular culture

Featured On The Show:

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