Podcast #17 – Do you even Science? with Dr. Jeremy Loenneke

Podcast #17 – Do you even Science? with Dr. Jeremy Loenneke


On today’s episode of the Well Traveled Wellness Podcast we get into the social media shit-storm of information with Dr. Jeremy Loenneke. We discuss the what information you should be avoiding, where you should get in from and how to be healthy in the New Year!

Is exercise medicine? How big of an effect does nutrition actually have? Have a listen – its all in this awesome interview and take away actionable advice for your training & nutrition programmes. 

Listen to the Episode:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Will Jeremy Loenneke black out due to twitter?
  • How important is physical activity in health?
  • Who to avoid on the internet/social media sphere
  • Using exercise as medicine
  • The power of exercise
  • Jeremy Loenneke’s position stand on physical activity

Featured On The Show:

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