Podcast #12: November Research Review with Dr. Darren Player.

Podcast #12: November Research Review with Dr. Darren Player.


On today’s episode of the Well Traveled Wellness Podcast we divulge into science with our first monthly research review with Dr. Darren Player. This week we tackle three recently published papers, discuss them and break them down so actionable advice can be taken and utilised.

Always stretch before a gym session, but don’t really know why? Seen the media blow up about the potential health risks of milk and want to know the science? Want to hear the latests developments in concurrent training research? Have a listen its all in this epic nerd fest!Â

Listen to the Episode:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Should you really stretch before a gym session?
  • Static vs. dynamic stretching
  • The ‘apparent’ long term effects of milk consumption
  • Importance of study methodology in science
  • Molecular basis of concurrent training
  • Where the concurrent literature is at and future research.

Featured On The Show:

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