Podcast #10: Movement and Athletic Potential with Shawn Myszka

Podcast #10: Movement and Athletic Potential with Shawn Myszka


On today’s episode of the Well Traveled Wellness Podcast we connect with the Pro Performance Director of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Shawn Myszka. Shawn works personally with dozens of NFL players, helping them with sport-specific power development, transfer of training to sport performance, and development of mastery in kinesiology.

Is your movement inefficient and hurting you more than it helps? Interested in maximizing athletic potential? It’s time to learn how to move, and this actionable interview will take you from theory to application.

Listen to the Episode:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What is movement literacy?
  • Importance of functional movement in everyday life
  • Essential movement patterns for young, developing athletes
  • Movement literacy for specific sporting application
  • Application of gymnastics and track & field training styles to sporting performance
  • Which is more important… athletic attributes vs. movement ability
  • The link between movement literacy and performance longevity

Featured On The Show:

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