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How We Improve Performance

Well Traveled Wellness offers a number of different services to power performance lifestyle and recovery systems and optimize fitness and nutrition regimens for Olympians and high-powered executives alike. Determine where and what to eat during regular business trips, media shoot, and in hotels, or receive a workout which makes the best use of premium available time.
You may wish to ask some bigger questions of us via our expert coaching services in order to instigate more self-accountability in a complete performance service. Don’t waste any time or energy managing the logistics of your healthy lifestyle; let us do that for you! Whatever the scale, our coaches work to deliver truly individualized services to help you fine-tune your life and reach your goals.


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Coaching and Consulting

Well Traveled Wellness supports Olympic athletes and high-functioning professionals through proven effective lifestyle management techniques. Our services optimise performance through customized, sustainable and research-driven exercise, nutrition and recovery programs; scheduled by us, strategically personalised for you.
We prioritize and automate your exercise and nutrition regimens with exciting new goals, enabling you to achieve your potential without compromising personal life. Organization of daily logistics elicits superior health, which results in happiness and unprecedented levels of productivity: time is precious, so spend it focusing on what matters while we take care of the rest!

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Tom Doubleday

Tom Doubleday

Head Coach Loughborough Women's Rugby, Captain Sandbach Rugby Men's 1st Team

Programming has lead to a dramatic improvement in performance by my team, who completed an undefeated season and league promotion, a massive step up! Having these guys on hand to help me personally come back from injury, manage recovery, and compete at the highest level has been an incredible help as well.

    Emma Oakley

    Emma Oakley

    England Senior Development Squad, Loughborough Lacrosse 1st Team Vice-Captain

    WTW have propelled this high-performance culture which has really helped me with my Lacrosse career. Their time management, goal-setting, and organization has helped massively; you have a set plan and just have to follow it to the letter. Knowing I've got a plan and can track my progress and makes me feel fresher and healthier every day.

      Sarah Down

      Sarah Down

      Great Britain Judo Champion, Loughborough Women's Rugby 1st Team

      I didn't know much about nutrition before Jake came along, but once I started working with them, I noticed a massive difference. These nutrition strategies helped me feel great from start to finish in long, grinding Rugby matches, which kept motivated me to stick to these plans.

        Attila Albert

        Attila Albert

        Executive Editor Bild Newspaper, Axel Springer and Ringier Media Group

        I'd never run a kilometer seriously but four months after starting coaching with Jake I finished a marathon! Nutrition, time management, and efficient training all played a role helping me exceed my goals despite a very busy corporate lifestyle. The energetic, proactive approach is what kept me motivated no matter what!

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          Meet The Team

          We take a sharp, no-nonsense approach to human performance, and our coaching reflects this. Both coaches at Well Traveled Wellness have years of experience training professional, elite, and Olympic athletes at the very top level and have both also completed cutting-edge scientific laboratory research projects in order to understand human functioning in real depth.

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          The Four Pillars of Performance

          Almost anyone can function at a high level in a perfect environment; unfortunately, the physical demands and challenges of the modern world make high performance a difficult task. Good intentions, dedication and self-discipline are all strong starting points, however travel, time constraints, and other environmental factors can often stop one from reaching their goals.

          Navigating food menus, finding a good gym to use, knowing how to make the best use of your time, while managing lifestyle and recovery are daily challenges that must be tackled in order to feel energetic, fit, and ready for anything every day. But who has time to manage all this by themselves?

          Athletic Ability

          How strong are you? Are you movement literate? Pain free? How much do you love sport and how able are you to join and compete in activities that are new, spontaneous and exciting?


          No excuses: How well are you sleeping? How diligent are you about taking care of your body after a hard-working day? Do you feel as energetic and focused on Friday as you did Monday?


          Are you scheduling your daily activities-including meals-with efficiency? Are you able to perform at a high level AND make time for loved ones, or is it either/or? How are you managing daily stress?


          Are you fueling yourself to do the activities you love every day? What is your relationship with food? How in-control of what you put in your body do you feel? Are your eating and supplementation patterns helping or hurting your daily focus, stress, and happiness?

          Organisation leads to health, which leads to happiness and productivity.

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